Oct. 22: Mapping the Past

This week we will explore GIS StoryMaps with Liz Sutherland of Western Library’s Map and Data Centre.

Our readings this week examine how historians can use maps and spatial visualizations for research and to help public audiences better understand history. We will return to these readings in a future class if we don’t have time to get to them.

Have a look at Richard White’s project at Stanford: What is Spatial History?

Read the introduction to GIS: A Short Introduction by Nadine Schuurman (2004)

And read the introduction and peruse the rest of Ian N. Gregory and Alistair Geddes,  Toward Spatial Humanities: Historical GIS and Spatial History (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2014). Library Proxy Required.

Katharyne Mitchell & Sarah Elwood, “Engaging Students through Mapping Local History, Journal of Geography (2012) (Through OWL)

Tiffany Earley-Spadoni, “Spatial History, deep mapping and digital storytelling: archaeology’s future imagined through an engagement with the Digital Humanities,” Journal of Archaeological Science, 84 (2017) (OWL)

Also, have a look at a previous GIS projects  and another by past Public History students

Have a look (and try out) at the newest platform for historical mapping: MapScholar

Here are some older links and projects that are still worth exploring if you have some extra time: