Oct. 4: Placed-based History

A reminder that we will discuss the material from last week’s class as well as the following:

What advantages or limitations are there interpreting history where it happened? What are some of the best practices for crafting effective guided or self-guided tours?

Have a look at some of the walking tour design basics suggested here and here and consider what lessons can be adapted to a digitally guided tour.

Part of this week’s task is to consider our options for off-shelf-apps and narrow in on a topic. Explore online, find the apps, and weigh their pros and cons. We’ll make a list in class.

What makes a good tour? What about the approach taken by Museum Hack?

Have a browse through the efforts of previous classes at the: 2017 2018 and 2019 for some ideas and to see how they did their tour. How can you expand or improve them? Are there other approaches you would take?