Oct. 5 Digital History Games

In this class we will explore the value and affordances of digital history play and games.

We will begin by having a quick discussion of the results of our work with Omeka and Timeline JS, and decide on a title and determine some final goals for the class podcast.

Timothy Compeau and Rob MacDougall, “Tecumseh Lies Here: Goals and Challenges for a Pervasive History Game in ProgressPastPlay, (University of Michigan Press), 2014.

[A LATE ENTRY SO THIS IS OPTIONAL]You can find the whole volume of PastPlay from the University of Michigan Press Online – have a look at Kee and Graham, Teaching History in an Age of Pervasive Computing.

Susan Engel, “Playing to Learn,” New York Times, 1 February 2010.

Niall Ferguson, “How To Win A War,” New York Magazine, 15 October 2006.

Have a look through past blog posts by Rob MacDougall: “History at Play,” “Playful Historical Thinking,” “History Invaders,” “Toys Not Games,” and “The Action Figure Curriculum.”

Jane McGonigal, “Why I Love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming,” in The Ecology of Games (MIT Press, 2007).

Play: Bring in great or horrible examples of learning history through digital gaming and play.

Introduction to Layar and Aurasma.

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