Sept. 8: Introduction to Digital Public History (2022)

This week we will explore the what is in store for us this semester in Digital Public History.

First, we’ll discuss what the parameters of DPH and where digital and public history meet.

Your first assignment this week is to set up a blog or other form of social media account (we will discuss in class) and write your first post and comment on another post of a colleague. Make sure to choose a host which has a comments feature. Send me your URL or handle by next Wednesday and be sure to have a post before our next meeting.

Questions to consider for your introductory post: What are you most excited or nervous about? What do you want to accomplish? Are there examples of digital or online history projects/exhibits/games etc. that you find particularly interesting or awful?

We will also take some time to discuss your first assignment.

Everyone is required to try their hand at podcasting. Have a listen to these examples and decide what form your podcast will take. You can use any recording software you life, but you can download the versatile and intuitive program  Audacity  free.

Have a listen to previous efforts from 2015 , 2016. 2017 Part 1 and Part 2, 2019 and 2020.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg Directed discussion of a topic with a panel of experts.

BBC History Extra Interviews, Lectures, and History News.

Shakespeare’s Restless World Documentary Style

Here is a very short list of some excellent work from previous years.