Courses Taught

HIST 9808: Digital Public History

HIST 1801: Controversies in Global History
HIST 1818: Treasure: Objects of Desire in Global History
HIST 2301: United States from Colonial Times to the Present
HIST 2413: Europe and the Paradoxes of Modernity
HIST 2415: The Age of Napoleon
HIST 2701: Patterns and Perspectives in Global History
HIST 2712: Tyrants: Historical Profiles in Oppression and Resistance
HIST 2811: Communities, Historians, and the Past (Public History)
HIST 3301: Colonial British America
HIST 3311: African American History to 1877
HIST 3313: African American History from 1877
HIST 3411: British History from 1688
HIST 3395: America’s History Wars (Social Memory)
HIST 3797: The Sixty Years’ War: Imperialism and Settlement on the Great Lakes, 1754-1815
HIST 3812: Historical Fantasies: The Uses and Abuses of the Past in Popular Culture
HIST 4802: Masculinity and Modern History
HIST 4414: Secrets, Spies, and Surveillance in Modern Britain

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