Introduction to Digital Public History (2017)

Introductory Slides for History 9808A 2017

In this introductory class we will discuss course assignments and expectations, discuss what we mean by digital public history, and explore the Digital History Lab.

Your assignment this week is to set up a blog and write your first post and comment on another blog post. Make sure to choose a blog host which has a comments feature (ie. not Tumblr). Send me your URL and Twitter username (optional) by next Tuesday.

Have a look through these popular blog hosts for one that suits you.

Questions to consider for your introductory post: What are you most excited or nervous about? What do you want to accomplish? Are there examples of digital or online history projects/exhibits/games etc. that you find particularly interesting or awful?

Finally, have a look at Tom Scheinfeldt’s advice for new digital humanists.