Sept. 24 Place-based History

In this class we will explore the locations and themes found in Hear, Here London and discuss ways to transform them into themed tours.

Have a look at some of the walking tour design basics suggested here, here, and here and consider what lessons can be adapted to a digitally guided tour.

Here is a link to the Hear, Here sites you’ll be working with.

This year we are going to work with the Driftscape app and we will have a visit by one of their representatives who will guide us through the process of creating our tours and adding new content.

Have a browse through the efforts of previous classes at the: 2017 2018 and 2019 for some ideas and to see how they did their tour. How can you expand or improve them? Are there other approaches you would take?

Have you taken a tour with a mobile app? What makes a good tour? Blog about your experience.

Here are some examples of excellent walking tour apps according to Mashable.